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TZS First Austria Waffle Maker 700W

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Waffle Iron – Delicious and crunchy waffles in your home

You love waffles, but you can't afford daily visits at the cake shop? Or maybe waffles remind you of holidays at the seaside? Thanks to the Lafe Waffle Iron, you can bring back holiday memories at any time. Enjoy a golden and crispy waffle in your own home whenever you want. With the Lafe Waffle Iron, you can quickly prepare delicious waffles for breakfast, your child's birthday or a meeting with friends. Small dimensions of the device make it fit on any kitchen counter.

• Non-heating handle.
• Non-stick coating.
• High power – 700 W.
• LEDs indicating ready status.

Always perfectly baked
The secret to perfect waffles lies in a good waffle iron. The Lafe Waffle Iron is equipped with a powerful 700 W heater ensuring that homemade waffles are evenly browned. The heat-resistant handle protects against burns.

Easy to clean
Forget about heavy and time-consuming scrubbing of burned dough off of the device. The plates of the Lafe Waffle Iron are covered with a special, ceramic coating that prevents sticking, making it easy to keep the machine clean.

Extremely simple operation
The Lafe Waffle Iron is very easy to use. Two control LEDs indicate the status of the device: red indicates that the device is connected to the power outlet and is heating up, while the green indicator light indicates that you can now pour the dough for your favourite waffles. The device lets you bake two waffles at once.


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