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Royalty Line Red 5 pcs Knife set with non-stick coating + Peeler

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  • Ergonomic handles allow you to hold the knives securely.
  • The non-stick coated knives are BIO and do not contain toxic acids, so the food color and flavor remain the same.
  • Harder than the usual stainless steel knives which makes cooking more pleasant, lighter and allows cutting without too much effort. Our knives stay sharp and rust free longer than other knives.
  • Sharpening When non-stick coated knives are used correctly they stay sharp for a long time and do not require sharpening like stainless steel knives. DO NOT use a steel knife sharpener for your knives.
  • Set Includes: Chef's Knife - Ideal for cutting, chopping, dicing, cutting large chunks of meat and even breaking up garlic. bread knife - Ideal for slicing bread without breaking or crushing it utility knife - Best for cutting large vegetables and meat, which is not big enough to need a chef's knife. fruit and vegetable knife - Best for chopping, slicing and peeling fruits and vegetables. peeler


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