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Panacea Zinc

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its once-daily product provides 100% of the RDA (recommended daily intake) of bone-related vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, zinc nutrients and has been formulated accordingly. Most of the calcium in the body is stored in bones and teeth, but nerves and muscles also need it. It is a mineral that is easily lost from body stores or lost due to poor absorption from foods. Calcium is the main source of the 206 bones in the skeleton, which together provide structure, articulation and protection for vulnerable organs. The rate of calcium depletion is much higher in older women, so eating regularly is important to keep stores at optimal levels. Calcium is equally important for the transmission of nerve impulses and blood clotting. CONTENT Type 1 capsules provide RDA Vitamin D3 15mcg 300% Calcium 500mg 63% Magnesium 200mg 53% Zinc 10mg 100% DIRECTIONS Recommended Adult Dose: 1 capsule per day with water. 


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