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Hoover 800W Orange ,Stainless steel floor polisher

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F38 PQ, 1400W, 4l Effortless polishing for beautiful floors

Our floor polisher enables you to apply a protective wax layer to all types of hard floor surfaces, helping you to buff them back to their original condition.
With a triple action cleaning head, our floor polisher saves precious time and the endless strain of buffing and polishing by hand. Each polishing pad spins at 700rpm to give you quick, beautiful results.

Suitable for a range of hard floors

Our floor polisher is ideal for waxing and polishing wood and laminate floors. You can also use it to wax and polish all other types of hard floors throughout your home, from tiles to marble, granite to PVC.

Three types of pads

For the very best results, our floor polisher comes with three types of pads. These include bristle pads for applying wax, grey felt pads for general polishing and white fine felt pads for polishing delicate and precious floors.

Large cleaning head

Our floor polisher has a large cleaning head to give you more floor coverage in less time. By simply attaching the pads, you will save yourself hours of work. To make life easier, our floor polisher also has a front light to help you see when waxing and polishing dark areas of your floor, including under furniture.

Integrated handy vacuum

Our floor polisher also comes with a handy integrated vacuum feature. The light suction is ideal for simply picking up fine debris found on hard floors to prepare them before using the wax and polish function.


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