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DSP Stand Mixer 4.0L

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Cooking for many becomes a kind of direction of creativity. Many try to use only high-quality products and modern auxiliary tools. Such an indispensable attribute in every kitchen is the stationary mixer DSP KM3015, equipped with a stainless steel bowl, which allows to cook high-quality and tasty dishes. First of all, the mixer is designed for whipping eggs. Since the special nozzles are designed in such a way that they are able to make the proteins aerial in a matter of minutes. If you are planning to get involved in baking and indulge your relatives with cakes and cakes, then you cannot do without a mixer. The mixer also copes with kneading dough of any consistency. There are corollas in the set that will help you to perform many tasks in the preparation of various dishes. With the help of wave nozzles you can knead thick dough for pies or Easter cakes. They are also suitable for mixing minced meat and making mashed air. The case of the mixer is made of durable plastic, on which the speed control is placed, and there is also a button to turn on the turbo mode, thanks to which you can beat lumps of dough in a few minutes. Such a device is a necessary attribute in any kitchen. After all, every housewife prefers to easily prepare food and delight her family with various sweets, without spending too much time on cooking food.
Stand Mixer DSP -KM3015a
Electric bowl with a capacity of 4 liters
For all types of dummies, with 2 beating models
Power 300 watts – 220/240 V
Speed levels: 5 levels


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