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Body Care BC-3014 - Eye Massager

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Product features:
1. 20 points of massage application, which simulates massage types specific to traditional Chinese medicine therapies, applying rotational, vibrating, palpating or rolling movements on different levels of intensity, produce the best effects on the lateral areas of the eyes.
2. LCD screen display for function, intensity, clock, and background music.
3. Dual power supply system: AC or DC.
4. Types of massage of your choice.
5. Automatic clock programming function for a 5-minute cycle.

Device functions:
1. Eye care.
- Combating myopia - 5 min cycle. once or twice a day to improve vision.
- Prevention of eye disease due to overexposure by extensive use of the computer.
- Reducing eye fatigue and improving sleep quality.
2. Cosmetic treatment.
- Removes dark circles and inflamed skin around the eye;
- Reduces wrinkles and increases skin elasticity;
3. Therapeutic treatment.


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